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  1. 1. a rough outline or drawing showing the main features of something
  2. 4. a term used to describe work by untrained artists
  3. 5. the material used to make a work of art. Examples include oil, watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, tempera, and pastel
  4. 7. art that does not attempt to represent the appearance of objects, real or imaginary. ACTION: a way of painting by splashing and dripping paint with energetic movements.
  5. 9. a subtractive method of sculpture; taking away wood or stone
  6. 10. in a scene or artwork, the part that seems closest to the viewer
  7. 12. generally defined as art produced during the second half of the 20th century.
  8. 13. a large painting or artwork, generally designed for and created on the wall or ceiling of a public building
  9. 15. the measurement of light and darkness in a work of art
  10. 16. refers to the common name of the color such as red or green
  11. 18. the part of a picture that appears to be farthest away from the viewer
  12. 20. a technique for creating the illusion of depth on a 2-D surface
  13. 23. equilibrium in a composition, either symmetrical or asymmetrical
  14. 24. mark in paint made by a brush
  15. 25. character studies that usually exaggerate one or more features
  16. 27. natural forms changed by geometrical reduction
  17. 28. a style of painting that seeks to represent the momentary effects of sunlight on color. LANDSCAPE: the scenery of an inland area, a painting or drawing of the land or natural environment
  18. 31. a picture of a person or images that portray a person
  19. 32. a statue or 3-D work of art
  20. 33. wall paintings made by painting onto wet plaster
  1. 2. a strong cloth which many artists have used as a surface for painting
  2. 3. a tray or board on which colors of paint are mixed. Also, the set of colors used by an artist in a painting
  3. 6. a type of paint made from a mixture of powdered pigments (colors) with a binder and water.
  4. 8. a design or picture created by imbedding stones or pieces of glass on a floor, vault or wall
  5. 9. a work of art created by arranging and gluing assorted materials onto a flat surface
  6. 11. the painting of feelings, sometimes with recognizable images, often totally abstract
  7. 14. the placement of forms, shapes, colors, and light and dark areas in a work of art.
  8. 17. thick, water-based paints
  9. 19. the use of light and shadow to create a focal point or mood
  10. 21. the relationship of one object to another in size, shape, number or degree
  11. 22. a support for an artist's canvas during painting
  12. 23. the transition of color from one tone to another; for example, in a sky
  13. 26. any color mixed with white
  14. 29. a 20th-century art movement which used bizarre, dream-like images.
  15. 30. any color mixed with black