1. 3. What's the flower associated with love that often blooms in the summer?
  2. 5. Most popular month for ice cream?
  3. 7. What's the colorful explosion of light in the night sky during summer celebrations?
  4. 9. What's the activity of going on a long journey by road during the summer?
  5. 10. What's the activity of traveling and living in a temporary campsite during the summer?
  6. 11. What's the outdoor event with food and music that people often attend in the summer?
  7. 13. What's the term for the long break from school during the summer?
  8. 14. What season comes after spring?
  9. 15. What's the insect known for its buzzing sound in the summer?
  10. 16. What do you call the body of water where people swim in the summer?
  11. 18. What's the colorful toy that flies high in the summer sky?
  1. 1. What's the term for the time when days are longest and nights are shortest in the summer?
  2. 2. What's the word for a place in the mountains where you can escape the summer heat?
  3. 4. What's the protective lotion used to prevent sunburn?
  4. 6. The word “simmer” originated from this old English word?
  5. 7. What's the sport of throwing a frisbee to a teammate on the beach?
  6. 8. What's the type of hat often worn to shield the face from the sun?
  7. 11. What's the term for the warmest period of the year?
  8. 12. What's the term for the warm, dry wind that blows down the slopes of a mountain in the summer?
  9. 17. What's the body of water where you can go boating and fishing in the summer?