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assignment 4

  1. 2. exercise hypotension the BP-lowering effects of exercise are immediate, response known as
  2. 6. pressure force of blood against the walls of the arteries.
  3. 8. blood pressure the force measured during cardiac relaxation.
  4. 9. one sign of CKD may be
  5. 10. a progressive deterioration of the kidney's blood filtration functions.
  6. 13. BP response an _____ to relatively low exercise intensities and at HR levels <85% of APMHR is likely in some individuals.
  7. 16. B-blockers and diuretics may impair_____ during exercise in hot environments.
  8. 17. HTN the majority of cases have no identifiable cause and tend to develop over several years.
  9. 18. blood pressure force during heart contraction.
  10. 19. in TPR the reasons for reductions in BP after aerobic training are not well understood; however, _____ appears to be the primary mechanism.
  11. 20. of death b-blockers if stopped suddenly, increase the patients____.
  1. 1. individuals on ____therapy are likely to have an attenuated HR response to exercise.
  2. 3. HTN generally caused by an underlying condition, such as chronic kidney disease and renal artery stenosis.
  3. 4. medication the primary purpose of ______ is to reduce elevated BP.
  4. 5. a-blockers Ca+ channel blockers, and vasodilators may provoke post exercise____.
  5. 7. a well established risk factor for CVD, heart failure, kidney failure, PVD, and stroke.
  6. 11. BP the higher the ____ prior to exercise, the greater the reduction following exercise.
  7. 12. maneuver avoid the ____ during resistance TRN.
  8. 14. B-blockers may increase the predisposition to ____ and mask some of the manifestations of hypoglycemia.
  9. 15. rehabilitation commonly used to deliver exercise and lifestyle intervention