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Assignment 5

  1. 4. What is the recommended intensity for individuals with high BP.
  2. 5. Individuals with hypertension are often overweight or obese. These individuals should focus on
  3. 6. What category should individuals seek medical clearance prior to exercise
  4. 7. Cause of hypertension
  5. 13. This may be withheld before testing with physician approval.
  6. 14. What is the last T in the FITT principle
  7. 15. the force of blood against the walls of the arteries
  8. 17. How many days a week should individuals with hypertension exercise
  9. 18. How many minutes should an individual with high BP exercise.
  10. 19. What maneuver should be avoided by individuals with high BP.
  1. 1. How many exercises should someone with hypertension participate in
  2. 2. the BP lowering effects of aerobic exercise are immediate, a physiologic response referred to as.
  3. 3. An attenuated HR response to exercise and reduced maximal exercise capacity
  4. 6. 140/90
  5. 8. Medications that may lead to sudden excessive reductions in post exercise BP.
  6. 9. Resting BP > 200 mmHg and DBP >110 are (blank) to exercise testing
  7. 10. individuals with high BP should set their intensity below the
  8. 11. BP-lowering effects of (blank) exercise are immediate
  9. 12. to maintain blood pressure by constricting blood vessels
  10. 16. May adversely affect themoregulatory function.
  11. 18. How many medications are needed to achieve targeted BP levels