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At the beach

  1. 2. Can be caught and eaten
  2. 5. A delicious kind on animal that can shakes eight peoples hand at once
  3. 8. To dry you after swimming or to lie on
  4. 9. Where you go to play by the sea
  5. 11. What you wear when you go into the water
  6. 13. Be careful not to burn from too much of this
  7. 14. A sport with a rod, hook and line
  8. 15. A sport that is played with something that looks like a UFO
  9. 17. A house made from sand
  10. 18. A sport where you can breathe under water
  11. 22. Yellow or black, depending what country your in
  12. 23. They can be big or small, can be used to say hello or bye
  13. 24. Another name for the sea
  14. 25. Something to protect you from the rain and sun
  1. 1. To protect your skin, you must wear this
  2. 3. To protect your face and head from the sun
  3. 4. Small or big, they run sideways and live in holes
  4. 6. A sport done with a board and a wave
  5. 7. Found on the beach, some people collect them
  6. 10. From high or low, this sport is as fun as jumping into water
  7. 11. Breathe with a pipe and see all the fish under you
  8. 12. With wind and a boat, you can do this sport
  9. 16. Something to carry sand in
  10. 18. A great way to exercise and cool down
  11. 19. Something to play with on the beach, is big and round
  12. 20. A sport with a net and ball that can be played on the beach or on a court
  13. 21. Something to dig up the sand with