1. 4. A symbol of plenty, shaped like a horn.
  2. 6. An orange squash which tastes good in pie.
  3. 7. The fall equinox occurs during this month.
  4. 10. A poultry often served for Thanksgiving dinner.
  5. 13. A holiday honoring what you are most gracious for. Usually celebrated with a large feast.
  6. 14. These change color and fall from trees in autumn.
  7. 15. During fall, the weather changes from hot to ___.
  1. 1. A spice made from tree bark.
  2. 2. A fruit harvested in autumn. Common colors include red, green, and yellow.
  3. 3. Confusing paths, sometimes cut into the fields of a grain with a homonymous name.
  4. 5. A tart, red fruit often made into sauce.
  5. 8. When farmers and gardeners bring in their crops.
  6. 9. A popular North American sport.
  7. 11. An artificial human. Originally intended to frighten, it is sometimes used as a cute, fall decoration.
  8. 12. A warm drink made of fruit juice.