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  1. 2. autumn is also know as
  2. 3. the colour of autumn leaves are due to the content of
  3. 5. integral part of thanksgiving and halloween
  4. 6. autumn comes under this division
  5. 8. an instant time when the plane of earths equator passes through the geometric centre of the suns desk
  6. 10. a national holiday celebration done for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceeding year
  7. 11. fall tourism is also called
  8. 12. a celtic autumn festival
  1. 1. a holiday celebration celebrated on 31st october
  2. 3. Autumn is followed by this season
  3. 4. these types of trees are shredded during autumn
  4. 7. fall tourism brings in big money for this states
  5. 9. to autumn is written by