1. 4. a dessert that has a crust that is made in the oven
  2. 5. something warm to drink made with chocolate
  3. 6. something that chipmunks and squirrels save for winter
  4. 10. corn a treat that is orange, yellow,and white.
  5. 11. something warm to wear that isn't a jacket or sweater
  6. 13. the sport that Steph Curry plays
  7. 14. something you put a warm drink in
  1. 1. a sport that has a quarterback
  2. 2. something that keeps you warm in bed
  3. 3. an animal that sleeps in a cave
  4. 4. something you eat with gravy
  5. 7. what you do with leaves when the fall off the tree
  6. 8. something to keep your neck warm
  7. 9. a sport has a goalie and is played on the ice
  8. 12. something you can do in a big pile of leaves