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  1. 3. A game where points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated hoop
  2. 5. A dessert that has a crust that is made in the oven
  3. 7. Something that chipmunks and squirrels save for winter
  4. 10. Something you eat with gravy
  5. 12. An animal that sleeps in a cave
  1. 1. What you do with leaves that fall off the tree
  2. 2. A treat that is orange, yellow and white
  3. 3. Something that keeps you warm in bed
  4. 4. Something you can do in a big pile of leaves
  5. 6. A sport that has a quarterback
  6. 8. Something warm to drink made with chocolate.
  7. 9. A sport has a goalie and is played on ice
  8. 11. Keeps your neck warm