1. 5. Red fruit grown in bogs in cool climates; has an acidic taste that can overwhelm its sweetness. (Singular)
  2. 7. How one might describe the feel of the air on an autumn morning as well as the crunch from biting into a fresh apple
  3. 13. While some dislike the sweetness of this candy’s kernels, there is nevertheless a day devoted to celebrating them on October 30th.
  4. 14. Pigments responsible for yellow and orange colors in some autumn leaves. (Plural)
  5. 17. Term for a second full moon in a single calendar month. (Two words)
  6. 18. Another name for the first (or only) full moon in November.
  7. 20. A large bundle of raw or finished material bound tightly together with cord, and sometimes wrapped; for example, hay.
  8. 21. This tree, which serves as the official state tree of New York, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Vermont, boasts leaves which change from yellow to orange to red through the fall season.
  9. 23. Pigments responsible for bright red color of some autumn leaves. (Plural)
  10. 24. Adjective that means full of whispering or rustling sounds.
  1. 1. an agricultural tool comprised of a long handle with a fork on the end with just a few tines, used to move loose hay.
  2. 2. Pumpkins, squash and gourds are all part of this family of more than 900 total plant species. (Plural)
  3. 3. Another name for pear cider.
  4. 4. So-called “pumpkin spice” is actually typically a combination of nutmeg, allspice, cloves and this flavor.
  5. 6. A large open-air fire, often at the center of a celebration.
  6. 8. Another name for the individual seed of corn or wheat.
  7. 9. differs from straw in that it is harvested fresh with the seed heads intact when it still has nutritional value.
  8. 10. Juice of a pressed fruit used as a beverage—most commonly apples.
  9. 11. Name of the full moon in either September or October that falls closest to the start of autumn. (Two words)
  10. 12. Scientific term for trees that lose their leaves on a seasonal basis.
  11. 15. this shape of hay bale is typically much larger than square bales, as these are meant to be moved by tractors rather than toted by hand.
  12. 16. Pole with a comb at the end, used for drawing together cut grass or fallen leaves.
  13. 19. Term that applies to either the first day of spring or the first day of autumn.
  14. 22. A sound that leaves can make.