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Avengers Crossword

  1. 5. Once worshiped as the god of wisdom; father to Loki and Thor
  2. 6. What very smart person does Coulson refer to that Steve does not understand
  3. 9. How many films were released in the Marvel series before The Avengers
  4. 11. Which superhero movie aired in 2008, starting the Avengers saga
  5. 12. Stan Lee makes an appearance as a civilian being interviewed. He says, “_______ in New York? Give me a break.”
  6. 13. The avenger who hides from the Avengers in a foreign country
  7. 15. The name of the third director of the Avengers
  8. 19. Agent Coulson’s first name
  9. 22. After Bruce becomes the Hulk and goes on a rampage, who finds him in his underwear?
  10. 25. Which villain is responsible for the initial formation of the Avengers
  11. 26. What is Captain America’s order to the Hulk when the Avengers split up to fight
  12. 31. The scene taking place in Calcutta, India was shot in what American city
  13. 32. An old man protests against Loki and refuses to listen to him; Loki moves to kill him, but Captain uses what to save him?
  14. 33. What does Loki claim is life’s great lie
  15. 34. The land where Loki and Thor are from
  16. 35. The name of Tony Stark’s machine butler
  17. 37. When Steve says nothing can surprise him, Fury bets how many “bucks” that he’s wrong
  18. 39. What actor plays Thor
  19. 40. Name of the leader of the Chitauri
  20. 41. Fury’s superiors try to stop the invasion by launching a missile at what city
  21. 44. The Hulk is played by which well-acclaimed actor
  22. 45. The last line of the movie, spoken by Nick Fury, is “Because we’ll _____ them to”
  23. 46. Tom Hiddleson wore what in his hair for it to appear black rather than his natural blond color
  24. 47. In her words, Natasha Romanoff uses “______ recalibration” to snap Hawkeye out of his altered state
  25. 48. Which Avenger shares a blood relation with the villain of the film
  26. 49. In the post-credits scene, the Avengers get what kind of food, per Tony’s request
  1. 1. Who is placed under the control of the mind stone by Loki
  2. 2. What element is Loki stealing to stabilize the tesseract
  3. 3. Tony refers to the Avengers as “America’s ______ heroes”
  4. 4. The army Loki vows to return for the Tesseract with
  5. 7. In what country do Iron Man, Captain, and Romanoff apprehend Loki
  6. 8. What is the name of the organization under which the Avengers work
  7. 9. The director of shield
  8. 10. The villain that was introduced in the post-credits scene
  9. 13. What band is on the t-shirt that Stark wears for most of the movie
  10. 14. The nationality of Jerzy Skolimowski, who plays a German character in the film
  11. 16. After Loki goes on an egotistical rampage about his godliness, Hulk throws him against the floor and remarks “_____ god”
  12. 17. This character visits Loki in his cell, pretending to cut a deal with him and help him escape
  13. 18. Loki believes “it is the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave _____”
  14. 20. When Loki stands above everyone else, demanding them to kneel, Captain America criticizes him, comparing him to what historical figure
  15. 21. Loki uses his scepter to hit the ground, making the citizens in his area pay attention to him. He then demands that they all do what before him?
  16. 23. The first line of the movie remarks that what stone has “awakened”
  17. 24. Loki escapes the trap and instead replaces himself with whom
  18. 27. To gather the “dream team” in their fight in the street, Captain America declared “Avengers, ________”
  19. 28. The last name of the brothers who directed Avengers
  20. 29. Hawkeye has what physical trait that helps his shooting skills
  21. 30. Iron man’s girlfriend, whose first name is a spice
  22. 36. Stark refers to what biblical figure when entering the portal
  23. 38. Robert Downey Junior was known for hiding what around the set, and bringing it out while shooting
  24. 42. Which Avenger is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?
  25. 43. This character gives the order to close the wormhole that Tony is stuck in