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  1. 1. Thousands of foreigners were _______ed to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened.
  2. 3. To their ______ the four countries do work together in some areas.
  3. 5. the southern part of Ireland was ______ and broke away to form its own government.
  4. 6. Happily this was ______ed without conflict when King James of Scotland became King of England and Wales as well.
  5. 7. The third, the Vikings, ______ed the vocabulary and place-names of the North of England.
  6. 8. You can ______this question if you study British history.
  1. 2. There is a growing________of interest between her position and her business activities.
  2. 3. for ________ it is divided roughly into three zones.
  3. 4. we can achieve a lot when we learn to let our differences unite,rather than______us.