B6 Biochemistry and the environment

  1. 3. Additive for making soft and flexible materials
  2. 4. Plastics derived from ethene
  3. 6. Atom _______ : A measure of the efficiency in converting starting materials to useful products
  4. 10. The process of increasing the concentration of a substance along a food chain
  5. 13. _____ chemistry: The area of chemistry about minimising production of hazardous substances (and their release to the environment)
  6. 15. Molecule that can remove metal ions
  7. 16. Number of principles in green chemistry
  1. 1. Full name of DDT
  2. 2. ______________ chemistry: The area of chemistry about systems bigger than a single molecule
  3. 5. Compound found in living organisms that is not supposed to be there
  4. 7. Property of being broken down by microorganism at a rate comparable to that of natural polymer and no toxic products are formed
  5. 8. Property of being broken down by bacteria
  6. 9. Enzyme in washing powder
  7. 11. Adjective that describes enzymes attached to a solid support
  8. 12. A type of xenobiotics, usually found on crops
  9. 14. Additive for making biodegradable and compostable plastics