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Baby Bites

  1. 3. Different for all babies and should be considered when choosing feeding methods
  2. 5. Type of feeding guided by baby's signs or cues
  3. 6. Number of days between introducing new foods
  4. 10. Nutrient low in breast milk, monitored by testing hemoglobin
  5. 11. Type of weaning that introduces foods without purees or spoons
  6. 12. Foods that may cause a rash, but may not be allergenic
  7. 13. Proteins that are broken down
  8. 14. Common allergy food, stay with baby for 2hrs after feeding
  9. 16. General age to introduce solid foods
  10. 18. Type of food packaging that encourages grazing
  1. 1. Foods in addition to breast milk or formula
  2. 2. Fear of trying new foods
  3. 3. Texture at 6 months
  4. 4. Nutrient low in breast milk, good source is egg yolks and beef
  5. 7. Not to be served before 12 months, no nutritional value
  6. 8. 2020-2025 guidelines to introduce suggestions for children under this age
  7. 9. Introduce these types of foods within the first year
  8. 15. Minimum number of days between introducing new foods
  9. 17. Baby's first eating utensil, used to improve oral motor skills