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  1. 2. name given to workers' that organize for improvements in the workplace
  2. 7. paid day off when ill or injured
  3. 8. the folks that prepare and serve nutritious meals
  4. 9. the union promotes better salaries and _______.
  5. 11. paid day off when you have important business to take care of
  6. 12. another name used for 10th grader
  7. 15. name used to describe eligible candidates for membership in MCEA
  8. 18. sport played in the fall and the athletes wear helmets and shoulder pads
  9. 19. the young people we support and serve
  10. 22. the folks that keep our clean and presentable
  11. 23. another name used for 12th grader
  12. 24. name used to describe a workers' status when they enrolls in the union
  1. 1. person who brings students safely to school
  2. 3. the name we give the days of the week after summer break
  3. 4. two of the best days of the month and the reason we work
  4. 5. another name for 9th grader
  5. 6. helps cover the cost of illness and injuries for you and your family
  6. 10. professional that keeps us connected to the internet
  7. 13. the people who repair and maintain school equipment and buildings
  8. 14. the professionals that assist teachers and student in the classroom
  9. 16. these folks work in the offices answering phones and helping administrators, staff, parents and students
  10. 17. a proposal that union members vote on and ratify
  11. 20. a finical contribution for the support and benefits provide by the union
  12. 21. another name used for 11th grader