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  1. 3. discovered that the earth revolves around the sun
  2. 5. is the name of our most famous constellation (all one word)
  3. 6. is also known as running down
  4. 10. the belief that only material things are real
  5. 12. is an error in reasoning
  6. 14. this area used to be called the gym
  7. 15. is used to find the stars
  8. 16. is the word that means study of the earth
  9. 17. is no longer a planet
  10. 18. is what we call a preserved specimen of a creature found inside a rock
  11. 19. this teacher is teaching English this year
  1. 1. this teacher is teaching Spanish this year
  2. 2. is the confident belief in the authority or reliability of something
  3. 4. our mascot
  4. 5. theory that says that natural laws and processes are the same today as they were hundreds of years ago.
  5. 7. defined as the total collection of knowledge gained through man's observations
  6. 8. what the moon does when it cycles from full to crescent
  7. 9. is an educated guess about something scientific
  8. 11. is used to view the stars
  9. 13. this teacher is teaching Bible this year