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  1. 2. a container to carry your lunch in
  2. 5. this is the most important class at school
  3. 7. these are the days you don't have school (the longest one is in summer)
  4. 9. he wears a cassock, says mass and teaches religion class
  5. 10. you write on this; it is made out of trees
  6. 12. you write with this (it has an eraser)
  7. 15. your teacher gives you this to see how much you know and if you have been studying
  8. 16. a little break to go outside and play
  1. 1. this rings to tell you the beginning and end of classes
  2. 3. an assignment your teacher gives you to do at home
  3. 4. special clothes you wear at school
  4. 6. a special book you use at Mass
  5. 8. this person tells you the things you need to learn
  6. 11. she wears a habit and teaches religion class
  7. 13. in this class you learn to draw and paint
  8. 14. you read and study out of these