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  1. 3. Owned by an individual or corporation, not receiving public or government money
  2. 7. Aadequate in quantity or amount; sufficient
  3. 9. High-priced, costly
  4. 10. To carry or have on the body as a covering or decoration
  5. 11. A building or indoor area for storing or parking vehicles
  6. 13. A sickness; condition in which a bodily organ system or part does not work properly.
  7. 14. To establish the validity of a claim; to demonstrate the truth.
  1. 1. During the first period or part of time
  2. 2. People who instruct students, usually at a school
  3. 4. Injections that prevent disease by using a bit of a not-dangerous form of the disease agent
  4. 5. People aged 13 through 19
  5. 6. A set of beliefs & practices about faith, often with a spiritual dimension
  6. 8. A period of 12 months
  7. 12. A journey or excursion