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  1. 3. A character who represents a baseball team; a person dressed in costume at a baseball game
  2. 4. The second half of the inning is called the...
  3. 6. The name of the ball players hit, also the name of the game itself
  4. 9. Name of the white squares the players run to
  5. 10. Name of the base where the batter stands
  6. 11. The most talented baseball teams are part of this group
  7. 13. Shape of a baseball field
  8. 16. Buy me some ___ and cracker jacks
  9. 18. The first half of the inning is called the...
  10. 19. If the player hits the ball all the way out of the field, it's called this
  11. 21. The protective hat players wear
  1. 1. Food often served on a bun with mustard, ketchup, and/or chili
  2. 2. This person throws the ball
  3. 4. A song written in 1908 about baseball, called "Take Me Out to the ___ ___"
  4. 5. The song everybody sings before the game starts
  5. 7. This person hits the ball with a baseball bat
  6. 8. If you're over 21 years old, you might drink this at a baseball game
  7. 12. This person waits to catch the baseball when it's thrown
  8. 14. What different parts of the game are called
  9. 15. The long stick players hit the ball with
  10. 17. When the batter misses the ball, he gets a...
  11. 20. The glove players wear to catch the ball