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Baseball and The Law by Jean P O'Grady, Editor Dewey B Strategic

  1. 2. Lawyer and Former US Senator who led the investigation of steroid use in baseball.
  2. 3. Supreme Court Justice who as a federal District Court Judge issued the injunction “which saved baseball”
  3. 4. NYU Law Grad who started his sports broadcasting career with a radio show about NY little league baseball players:
  4. 5. The modern “right of publicity” was outlined in an opinion regarding these baseball related items.
  5. 6. This law school dropout was the first US President to be issued a Presidential Pass by MLB.
  6. 7. Justice Holmes wrote that the Sherman Act did not apply to baseball because baseball teams were not engaged in_________ .
  7. 10. The controversial reserve clause system which bound players to teams indefinitely was replaced by a new system called __________.
  8. 11. An “illegal” move by a pitcher that entitles a runner to advance.
  9. 13. In testifying before Congress, this Supreme Court nominee compared the role of a judge to that of an umpire.
  10. 14. The legal principle which prevents a spectator who is hit by a baseball from suing the team or the stadium.
  11. 17. Lawyer who became the first commissioner of baseball.
  12. 18. The first patent dispute involving baseball equipment related to this item.
  13. 21. An early version of the rules of baseball were called the _______________ Rules.
  14. 23. 2002 study by this agency determined that metal bats are not more dangerous than wood bats.
  15. 24. 19th century lawyer and US President who played an early version of baseball and built a ball field called the "white lot" behind the White House.
  16. 25. Movie featuring the trial of Shoeless Joe Jackson and other members of the Chicago “Black Sox’”.
  17. 26. The World Series was cancelled in 1994 because of this players union action.
  1. 1. Public Law 105-297 is named for this baseball player.
  2. 2. Major League Baseball had to purchase their current internet domain from this Amlaw 100 law law firm.
  3. 3. The only lawyer to have a major league baseball stadium named after him.
  4. 8. Lawyer and former NY Governor who was signed as an outfielder for the Pittsburg Pirates before attending law school.
  5. 9. Lawyer, baseball player and manager who pioneered the racial integration of Major League Baseball by signing Jackie Robinson.
  6. 12. Players cannot prevent the use of their own names and statistics in Fantasy Baseball due to this Constitutional guarantee.
  7. 13. The baseball player and manager who was banned from baseball for betting on his team.
  8. 15. Attorney J Bruce Henderson brought 17 lawsuits to keep this team from building their stadium.
  9. 16. The only US President who was co-owner of a major league Baseball team.
  10. 19. The illegal practice of selling game tickets for more than their “face value.”
  11. 20. He caught Barry Bonds 73rd home run ball…then dropped it. …then he sued Hayashi… then he sued his lawyer!
  12. 22. If a pitcher intentionally hits a batter in the head with a baseball he can technically be charged with this crime.