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Baseball Crossword

  1. 3. A catch.
  2. 4. A fly ball in the infield
  3. 6. A left handed pitcher
  4. 10. A ball hit along the ground
  5. 11. When a hitter or runner is removed from the field of play by the fielding side.
  6. 13. (1934-present) 20 years old when he broke into the big leagues in 1954, with the Milwaukee Braves; famous African American baseball player
  7. 15. A temporary break in play, indicated when an umpire calls "dead ball".
  8. 16. (1969-present) broke into the big leagues on April 3, 1989, with the Seattle Mariner; famous African American baseball player
  9. 19. A fielder who occupies the outfield.
  10. 21. The order in which the hitter's take their turn to come up and bat.
  11. 24. A baseball field
  12. 26. A ball hit by the batter that falls outside of the foul lines between first and third base.
  13. 27. A defensive player who fields in and around the infield.
  14. 29. An attempt to hit the ball by simply dropping it close to the hitter, usually as a surprise tactic.
  15. 30. A base hit which allows the hitter to reach second base.
  1. 1. The fielders positioned near to first, second and third base.
  2. 2. A player in his first full season in the major leagues
  3. 5. A hard thrown pitch (sometimes as quick as 100 mph)
  4. 7. The area in which the players, manager and coaches sit when they aren't on the field of play or in the bullpen.
  5. 8. The base located at home, over which a strike must be thrown and a runner must touch to score a run
  6. 9. A pitch which the umpire rules is within the strike zone, or swung at and missed by the hitter
  7. 12. (1919-1972) United States baseball player; first Black to play in the major leagues, played for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  8. 14. A curveball that moves into the hitter
  9. 17. A ball hit into the air. If a fielder catches the ball, it's known as a "fly out"
  10. 18. A hit over the outside wall, or which allows a runner to reach home base.
  11. 20. (1895-1948) United States professional baseball player famous for hitting home runs
  12. 22. up A runner waiting on a base ready to run once a fly ball catch is completed
  13. 23. A home run hit with the bases loaded (scoring four runs).
  14. 25. The throw made by a pitcher to the hitter
  15. 28. A batted ball which travels low and fast in the air