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Baseball Great

  1. 2. the main character always lets everyone pick first and he as proper manners
  2. 6. one genre of the book Baseball Great
  3. 8. the main character is a person who cares for a lot of things
  4. 11. Genre of the book
  5. 13. The team always wants to win
  6. 14. a thing where you are home or away.
  7. 16. Where the story takes place
  8. 17. one teammate on the main characters baseball team
  9. 18. Coach of the Mount Olympus Titans
  10. 19. another one of the main characters teammates
  11. 20. The main character of Baseball Great
  1. 1. A teammate of the main character
  2. 3. The main character's friend
  3. 4. the character how is mad at the main character for stealing his spot on the team
  4. 5. another one of the main character's friends
  5. 7. A place where a team goes to try and win a trophy
  6. 9. Author of the book Baseball Great
  7. 10. gives up   he tries and tries to get the team to accept him
  8. 12. The team wants to win it all
  9. 15. a place where kids go every weekday