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Baseball Injuries

  1. 1. gloves worn for batting
  2. 5. the fracture of the area between the leg and the foot
  3. 7. used in baseball to protect eyes against rays of the sun and to aid in seeing
  4. 9. a group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder
  5. 12. elastic strips used for resistance training and building up strength in a particular muscle area
  6. 16. essential to life; used to replenish hydration
  7. 17. a piece of athletic equipment used to guard the ankle
  8. 21. a flavorful drink contaig electrolytes and used to replenish hydration. named for the florida gators
  9. 22. Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  1. 1. the fracture of a lower extremity
  2. 2. the surgery for UCL reconstruction named after the famous baseball player
  3. 3. froze water
  4. 4. shorts used for sliding base to base
  5. 5. a build up of liquid in result of friction between skin and another surface
  6. 6. a piece of athletic equipment used to protect the elbow during batting
  7. 8. a chemical compound that can build up in muscles after stress or overuse of that particular muscle area
  8. 10. worn on the feet to gain better traction when playing baseball. also used in soccer, track, and football
  9. 11. can occur to baseball players as they age; overuse and repetitive motion can result in a buildup of tissue; accompanied by possible labrum tears, and dislocation
  10. 13. worn around the waist to reduce pant sagging
  11. 14. a piece of equipment used for protection of the head
  12. 15. a piece of equipment used for protection of the male genitals
  13. 18. a piece of athletic equipment used to brace the knee against any istablities
  14. 19. the act of getting base to base; faster than walking
  15. 20. worn to protect the scalp from the rays of the sun
  16. 21. worn on the hand to catch a baseball