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Baseball Vocabulary

  1. 4. To spread out or apart
  2. 5. To skid or swerve
  3. 7. To crumble to bits by slow decay
  4. 8. A period of a thousand years
  5. 10. Having or wielding force, authority, or influence
  6. 11. Punishment given in return for an injury or offense
  7. 13. Any of a family of shrubbery, often evergreen plants that grow well in an open, barren, usually acid and poorly drained soil
  8. 14. The intention of doing something bad for the satisfaction of doing it
  1. 1. To seize and hold
  2. 2. Not real, not firm, or solid
  3. 3. To sway from side to side
  4. 5. To make strong
  5. 6. A cambat on horseback between two knights with lances, especially as poor of a tournament
  6. 9. A holder for candles used in Jewish worship
  7. 12. Standing above others especially in rank, worth, or achievement