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  1. 2. A hard line drive hit by a batter.
  2. 3. A team's best starting pitcher.
  3. 4. May have been baseball's greatest player, if not the game's fiercest competitor.His batting accomplishments are legendary
  4. 5. A smart, scrappy and determined second baseman and the pivot man in the famed Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance infield.
  5. 6. A key performer for the Yankees on eight American League pennant-winners and seven World Series champions.
  6. 8. The Say Hey Kid, played with enthusiasm and exuberance while excelling in all phases of the game.
  7. 9. One of baseball's great gamers. As Rookie of the Year in 1956 and an MVP in both leagues.
  8. 12. The section of the outfield between the outfielders.
  9. 13. Home plate.
  10. 14. A base.
  11. 16. A team's bench area.
  12. 18. One of the finest African-American players in the years preceding integration.
  13. 19. Pitcher's mound.
  14. 21. Curve ball.
  15. 22. A home run.
  1. 1. An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate.
  2. 5. He broke baseball's color barrier and bringing the Negro leagues' electrifying style of play to the Majors.
  3. 6. An amateur play or behavior.
  4. 7. A strikeout.
  5. 10. His blazing fastball set the standard against which all of his successors have been judged.
  6. 11. American original, baseball's first great slugger and the most celebrated athlete of his time.
  7. 15. The big-game pitcher on the great Yankees teams of the 1950s and early '60s, earning him the moniker The Chairman of the Board.
  8. 17. A home run.
  9. 20. When a hitter gets a pitch near his hands.