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  1. 4. What a player uses to make hits
  2. 5. What players need to use to catch the baseball without hurting their hands
  3. 6. The shirt the player wears to show who he/she is
  4. 8. What every player has while he/she is on the feild
  5. 11. The people who play closer to the batter
  1. 1. What a batter gets when a person from the other tema catched the ball if it doesn't hit the ground
  2. 2. What a baseball player makes when he/she hit the baseball out of the park
  3. 3. What a player uses for protection while he/she is up at bat
  4. 4. The box shaped objects on the ground for the batter to run to, to be safe
  5. 7. The object that is thrown
  6. 9. The people who play more far away from the batter
  7. 10. The shoes that baseball players wear to play of the baseball feild