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  1. 2. The defensive player stationed roughly between the pitcher and the second baseman
  2. 7. A ball that is hit is a strait line very fast
  3. 8. Stands behind the catcher and calls the game
  4. 9. A half swing of the bat that results in weak contact with the ball
  5. 10. The defensive player on first base
  6. 11. The outfielder located in right field
  7. 12. The defensive player on second base
  8. 14. A large wooden stick used to hit the ball
  9. 15. The defensive player who pitches the ball over home plate
  10. 18. The team that is playing on the home field
  1. 1. A ball hit outside of the outfield
  2. 3. The defensive player on third base
  3. 4. A ball hit to the outside of either first base or third base
  4. 5. The outfielder located in center field
  5. 6. The outfielder located in left field
  6. 10. A ball hit into play
  7. 13. The great Bambini
  8. 15. A ball hit very high and not very far
  9. 16. The team that is playing on the road
  10. 17. The defensive player behind home plate