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  1. 2. It is the team that won the World Cup of Baseball in 2015 (P.S: it is KC team) ?
  2. 4. What is the name of the best batter which hit 500 home runs in his career in 2015 whit the Red Sox?
  3. 5. What it’s the name of team that won the most World Cup this team is in New York?
  4. 8. The player with the best salary on 2015 (which is about 30 millions dollars US) is in Dodgers what’s her name?
  5. 10. one How many euro, the baseball of league major all around the world (may be rounded off billions)?
  1. 1. What it’s the name of the trophy for the winner of the World Cup of Baseball?
  2. 3. Who is the best player of all time (best player of batter and pitcher)(it’s the same person)?
  3. 6. What it is the name of team with he have the best budget of the major league ?
  4. 7. What is the first city ,in the America, to have baseball club of major league?
  5. 9. Doubleday What it is the name of creator of baseball who invented in1839 (in the historique facts) ?