1. 3. Your team needs the ball so you put on a full court ________________.
  2. 5. the last name of the best shooter on the Warriors
  3. 8. You try a tough pass to your teammate but it goes out of bounds.
  4. 13. A little bigger than a soccer ball
  5. 14. When the other team has the ball, and now you need to play _____________.
  6. 16. When someone goes for a shot and you swat the ball out of bounds.
  7. 17. Your coach has you work on plays to score.
  1. 1. When a player is fouled while shooting and gets two shots.
  2. 2. Soft shot where you gently bank ball up against the back board.
  3. 4. When you set a pick for your teammate
  4. 6. 10 feet off the ground
  5. 7. You start the game with this event.
  6. 9. How many points do you get when you shoot "behind the arch"
  7. 10. A way a player can advance the ball up the court.
  8. 11. A pass to a teammate and they make the shot because of your pass
  9. 12. After a shot you jump and get the ball
  10. 15. What you need to do to score points.