1. 3. When a player passes the ball to their teammate, which leads to a made basket
  2. 5. Out, Positioning yourself between the basket and your opponent as a way to obtain a rebound
  3. 7. The offensive team gives the ball up to defense
  4. 10. Dribble, When a player dribbles the ball with two hands or stops dribbling and then begins again
  5. 11. Advancing close to the basket in an effort to bank a shot off the backboard
  6. 13. Extra time given a tied regulation game
  7. 15. Also known as end line, the boundary lines extending across both ends of the court
  8. 16. Clock, A device that keeps track of time, possession and fouls
  9. 18. An illegal hit
  1. 1. Gaining possession of the ball after it bounces off the backboard or rim on a missed shot
  2. 2. Break, A play that starts with a defensive rebound that is quickly passed and results in a score
  3. 4. When a player moves their feet without dribbling the basketball
  4. 6. Foul, A foul called as a result of misconduct in which the opponent is awarded a free-throw
  5. 8. The team in possession of the ball
  6. 9. Ball, ball tossed into the air by the referee between two opposing players in order to start the game
  7. 12. The team not in possession of the ball.
  8. 14. The center position; also the foot that remains stationary until a dribbler passes the ball
  9. 17. of Bounds, Outside the end lines and sidelines