1. 2. A pass or handoff resulting in a basket made by a teammate.
  2. 4. moving the ball into the backcourt once it has been advanced to the frontcourt
  3. 5. illegally moving the ball by violating the dribbling rules
  4. 8. A style of defense in which each player is assigned to a specific opponent to guard anywhere on the court
  5. 10. dribbling again after the first dribble has ended.
  6. 12. the requirement that a team must bring the ball across the midcourt line within ten second after gaining possession
  7. 13. A style of defense in which each player us assigned to guard a designated floor area, rather than a specific opponent.
  8. 14. a line, 15 feet from the basket
  9. 15. a basket scored from the floor.
  10. 16. a free shot from the foul line, worth one point, awarded as a penalty for a foul by the opposing team.
  1. 1. a foul by an offensive player who runs into a defensive player who has established court position.
  2. 3. a foul for misbehavior or some technical rule infraction
  3. 6. a personal foul committed by a member of an offensive team, usually not involving a free throw as part of the penalty
  4. 7. any of a variety of body-contact fouls; five, or in professional ball, six prohibits the player who commits them.
  5. 9. rule The rule where any jump ball situation after the opening jump ball results in each team gaining possession of the ball. The team losing the opening jump ball will be awarded first possession, with teams alternating possession for the rest of the game.
  6. 11. a foul by a defensive player who blocks the legal pathway of an offensive player.