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  1. 3. The amount of points rewarded for a normal basket within the 3 point line
  2. 4. The defensive act used to stop the ball as a player tries to score
  3. 9. The act of bouncing the ball as you move is called
  4. 10. The amount of points rewarded for a normal basket outside the 3 point line
  5. 12. The side of the game where you try and stop the opposition from scoring
  6. 13. The side of the game where you are trying to score
  7. 14. The amount of time you have to get from the backcourt to the front court
  8. 16. The second guard named after its ability to shoot and score
  9. 18. The second forward position usually a competent defender and normally a scoring threat
  10. 21. The position usually played by the shortest player and known for ball control and passing
  11. 22. The amount of points you get for making a free throw
  1. 1. The field you play on is called a court
  2. 2. Interfering with the ball as it is on its way down towards the basket
  3. 5. The violation committed when a player dribbles the ball with both hands on the ball
  4. 6. The amount of players for each on the court on any given time
  5. 7. Usually the tallest player on the court
  6. 8. An offensive foul that is committed when a player pushes over an offensive player
  7. 11. Usually the second tallest player on the court
  8. 15. Taking the ball off a player is called a
  9. 17. The violation called when caught walking with the ball
  10. 19. Throwing the ball towards the ring in a hope of scoring is called
  11. 20. Throwing the ball from one player to another is called