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  1. 4. The free throw awarded to a shooter who is fouled while scoring
  2. 6. A close-range shot using one hand
  3. 7. The jump ball is what starts every basketball game
  4. 9. a travel violation when the player with the ball doesnt let the ball go
  5. 12. double digit numbers in assist,rebound,points and etc
  6. 14. An unblocked shot that fails to hit the rim or backboard.
  7. 16. To bounce the ball continuously with one hand
  8. 18. a foul committed by a player who tries to rebound the ball by pushing, moving or climbing on a player's back
  9. 20. a shot worth one point
  1. 1. when a player kicks the ball on purpose
  2. 2. An offensive foul when the person with the ball rushes into a non-moving defender
  3. 3. To grab the ball after it bounces off the the backboard
  4. 5. An unsportsmanlike foul in which there is no serious attempt to play the ball
  5. 8. to pass the bal to someone and get a score
  6. 10. To dribble the ball with two hands at the same time
  7. 11. The foot that must remain touching the floor to avoid traveling
  8. 13. an offensive play in which a player sets a screen
  9. 15. The rectangular platform behind the rim that supports it
  10. 17. foul A foul assessed for unsportsmanlike non-contact behavior
  11. 19. taking too many steps with the ball in hand
  12. 20. An intentional fall by a player