1. 2. the first game of basketball used a type of fruit container
  2. 6. a player can shoot a basket and gain something for her team
  3. 7. called by a coach at any time after a play to speak to players about the game
  4. 8. committed by a player and is against the rules
  5. 11. a player runs with the ball more than 2 steps without dribbling,passing or shooting
  6. 12. Is used by players when they lose possession
  7. 14. the colour of match basketballs
  8. 15. is given at end of team to show who won
  9. 16. the area that is marked on the court and surrounds the basket and contains the free throw line
  1. 1. made by player after dribbling or passing
  2. 3. type of clothing worn by basketball players
  3. 4. dribble two hands touch the basketball at the same time as the player dribbles
  4. 5. a player jumps for it when it misses the hoop and sometimes hits the backboard
  5. 6. is made by players to get from one end to another
  6. 9. the hoop is attached to it and players use it to make a basket
  7. 10. a player jumps high over the basket and forces the all down through the hoop
  8. 13. a position in basketball that is usually played by the tallest player and starts with 'c'