1. 2. the acronym used to remember shooting cues
  2. 4. A violation from bouncing the ball with both hands at the same time or stopping one's dribble and then starting it again is called a __________ dribble.
  3. 6. number of points a team is awarded with each field goal
  4. 8. unnecessary contact of an opponent
  5. 10. __________ possession rule goes into effect with each tie ball in which teams alternate throwing the ball back into play
  6. 11. the __________ knee should drive the body up in the air when performing a right handed lay-up
  7. 12. The preferred pass used when trying to pass the ball under and around an opponent.
  8. 13. After each field goal, the ball is put back into play by the opposing team at the _____ line.
  9. 15. what part of your body should touch the ball when dribbling?
  10. 16. How many players are on a basketball team?
  1. 1. How many points are awarded for a successful free-throw shot?
  2. 2. When guarding, you should always stay between the person you are guarding and the __________.
  3. 3. a mistake made while playing like traveling or double dribble
  4. 5. The team who has possession of the ball
  5. 7. illegal movement of your feet while holding the ball
  6. 9. The action a player will use while in possession of the ball to move in any direction while still keeping one foot in contact with the floor.
  7. 14. An offensive play may not be in the key for more than __________ seconds.
  8. 15. An unguarded shot at the top of the key by a player that has been fouled is called a __________ throw