1. 5. the amount of points you get if you shoot inside the three point line
  2. 6. when you walk while holding the ball
  3. 7. the clothes you wear while playing basketball
  4. 8. the person who teaches the players how to play
  5. 9. a female basketball player that is 203cm tall
  6. 11. famous male basketball player
  7. 13. best female basketball player in the world
  8. 17. the amount of points you get if you shoot from the 3-point line
  9. 18. the people that play the sport
  10. 19. when you put the ball the the floor and run while bouncing it
  11. 20. the shape of the ball
  1. 1. a break during the game halfway through it
  2. 2. when you bounce the ball, stop and then bounce it again
  3. 3. when you throw the ball from one player to another
  4. 4. the thing behind the ring
  5. 10. the amount of players from one team on the court at once
  6. 12. the name of the sport
  7. 14. the thing you try to get the ball in
  8. 15. the floor you play the sport on
  9. 16. when you throw the ball at the ring you ..... it