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  1. 3. Of more than average height (ADJECTIVE)
  2. 4. Surname of a German power forward who has played for the Dallas Mavericks since 1998 (NAME)
  3. 7. The name of the first spanish player to reach the NBA (NAME)
  4. 8. An unblocked shot that doesn't even reach the basket (NOUN)
  5. 9. The name of the Rockets' player nicknamed "the Dream" (NAME)
  6. 10. Selfish, that doesn't pass the ball (ADJECTIVE)
  7. 12. The act of catching a ball which has hit the basket and bounced off of it (VERB)
  8. 15. Exercising. Generally doing exercise to be fitter (PHRASAL VERB)
  9. 18. Stopping to try, admitting defeat or losing hope (PHRASAL VERB)
  10. 20. Getting into an activity involving others after said activity has already started (PHRASAL VERB)
  11. 22. Generally the tallest player of a team (NOUN)
  1. 1. Throwing the ball to a teammate (VERB)
  2. 2. Defending a player jointly with a teammate (VERB)
  3. 5. To take more steps than the rules allow while holding the ball (VERB)
  4. 6. Someone who plays basketball for hours may be called this at the end of his practice (ADJECTIVE)
  5. 11. The most basic type of shot in this sport (NOUN)
  6. 13. The surname of the Catalan player nicknamed "la bomba" (NAME)
  7. 14. Someone who shoots the ball too many times (ADJECTIVES)
  8. 15. Doing light exercise in preparation for more intense exercise (PHRASAL VERB)
  9. 16. Circular metallic object attached perpendicularly to the backboard. One has to pass the ball through it to score (NOUN)
  10. 17. The action of scoring two points by putting the ball directly through the basket with one or both hands and usually grabbing the rim (VERB)
  11. 19. A single free throw given to a player that scores while recieving a foul (NOUN)
  12. 20. The surnamet of the most famous player in the history of basketball (NAME)
  13. 21. Physical characteristic typical of fast small players such as point guards or shooting guards (ADJECTIVE)