1. 5. stoppage or huddle that is usually requested by the coach
  2. 6. a violation of carrying the ball with hand and dribbling again
  3. 7. A legal block set by an offensive player on or behind the defensive player
  4. 11. The Ball is thrown from sideline or baseline to make the ball in play
  5. 13. a big factor in becoming a rebounder
  6. 16. a bonus shot that is done usually done when a foul is committed during the act of shooting or a technical foul
  7. 17. Most widely shot that is hard to block
  8. 19. to replace players inside the court
  9. 20. two of this sets is needed in order to play
  10. 21. the official with the highest authority
  11. 22. to avoid the opposing team from gaining a point from your basket
  12. 23. good shooter and helps in the defense
  13. 24. the way to progress the ball with an individual
  14. 25. violation of stepping on the half court line once you crossed
  1. 1. the shooter sets his feet before releasing the ball
  2. 2. the simplest way of scoring a basket through leaping towards the basket
  3. 3. Player that has duties power and is considered the representative of the team
  4. 4. it gives and opportunity to any team to score a basket it is the way of getting the ball if shot is missed
  5. 8. Usually the tallest player, main role is to get the rebound
  6. 9. the first secretary general
  7. 10. the one who usually makes the game plan
  8. 12. a sport where the main goal is scoring by shooting the ball through a basket
  9. 14. Inventor of basketball
  10. 15. a player that distributes the ball and usually the smallest
  11. 18. a violation of running the ball with three steps with out dribbling