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  1. 2. what is the weather like in the summer?
  2. 4. what ocean is California next to?
  3. 6. people wear these to protect their eyes from the sun
  4. 9. when you ride a wave with a board
  5. 10. what state is famous for their beaches?
  6. 13. someone whose job is to make sure swimmers are safe
  7. 14. you use this to dry off after swimming
  8. 15. this tool is used to dig in the sand
  1. 1. a frozen treat on a stick
  2. 3. people like to build this with sand
  3. 5. you turn this on to cool off
  4. 6. you put this on to protect your skin from the sun
  5. 7. you wear this to go swimming
  6. 8. people like to go to the beach with family and _____
  7. 9. there are a lot of these birds at the beach
  8. 11. you can collect these at the beach
  9. 12. the hottest season of the year