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  1. 3. and animal that could eat you and has sharp teeth
  2. 6. a drink to keep you refreshed
  3. 7. living things that roam the brach
  4. 10. what you use to dry off when you are done
  5. 11. something kids build out of sand
  6. 14. what you wear on your head to keep the sun out of your face
  7. 15. water people swim in
  8. 18. what you wear into the ocean
  9. 19. food you bring if you get hungry
  10. 20. round object you hit back and forth
  11. 21. goggles with a tube you breathe out of
  12. 23. a bird that is around the ocean
  13. 24. keeps water out of your eyes when you are swimming
  14. 25. what kids play in that leads to the ocean
  1. 1. you would use to dig in the sand
  2. 2. something you put up and sit under for shade
  3. 4. what you wear on your feet
  4. 5. a tree you would find at the beach
  5. 8. an electronic to keep you occupied at the beach
  6. 9. what you wear on your face to keep the sun out of your eyes
  7. 11. you put this on your skin so you don't burn
  8. 12. you would stand on this to ride a wave
  9. 13. what you sit in
  10. 16. an animal under the sand that could pinch you
  11. 17. animal that swims in the sea
  12. 22. something that keeps your drink cold