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Beach bonanza

  1. 3. when the wave has run up the beach it runs back down again.
  2. 5. when minerals are dissolved in water and carried along in...?
  3. 11. when the swash is stronger then the backwash
  4. 13. when water falls into a crack in a rock, freezes and breaks it apart
  5. 15. when water carries sediment.
  6. 16. the process of water hauling rocks at something else to erode it.
  1. 1. when nature grows into a rock or some pavement.
  2. 2. when the sun heats up a rock and it expands, later in the night when it gets cooler it shrink this cycle repeats until the top layer falls off.
  3. 4. when weak acids eventually wear rock away.
  4. 6. action when waves crash into cliffs and break the rock by getting into cracks and trapping air.
  5. 7. when the transported sediment is dumped somewhere else.
  6. 8. when the backwash is stronger than the swash
  7. 9. when the rain reacts with certain materials and wears it away.
  8. 10. the length of water over which a wind has blown.
  9. 12. when the wave reaches the shore and runs up the beach.
  10. 14. when the water carries broken sediment and wears away land.