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Beach Volleyball

  1. 4. A ball spiked straight down into the sand.
  2. 5. Side The left side of the court, so-called because it is usually the easier side to right-handed players to attack from.
  3. 6. A set no more than 1 foot away from the net.
  4. 10. When an offensive player attacks the ball with a one-arm motion done over the head, attempting to get a kill.
  5. 11. Serve A serve that hits the net; it is a fault even if the ball continues across into the opponents' court.
  6. 12. A card the official will pull out to give a warning to a player or coach. Subsequent yellow cards given to a single player or coach can result in disqualification from the match.
  7. 14. The change from defense to offense, or vice versa.
  8. 16. Touching the ball more than once on the same play. This is allowed as long as no two contacts are made by the same player in succession (other than by a blocker after the block).
  9. 17. The playing area including the boundary lines but not including the service area.
  10. 19. Low reception of a hard-driven spike using the back of the outstretched hand.
  11. 21. Any violation of the rules.
  12. 22. Illegally holding a ball during a contact. Illegal contact.
  13. 24. A severe penalty given by the official to a player or coach. When the penalty occurs, the official will display a red card which, depending on the rule set, may result in a player being disqualified.
  14. 26. A version of the game where each team has only two players. Played on all surfaces but is most popular on played on a sand court. Also known as 2s, two's.
  1. 1. Defense When a ball falls to the floor in an area that's surrounded by both defenders; it appears the players are encircling and staring dumbfounded at a campfire.
  2. 2. A serve that hits the net; and continues across into the opponents' court.
  3. 3. Designated areas of the court or net primarily to indicate target areas for serving.
  4. 7. the direction of a volleyball by grabbing it and throwing it. Also known as lift, held ball, grab.
  5. 8. Reaching across the net with your hands and breaking the plane of the net above the height of the net, in an effort to block an attack.
  6. 9. The back boundary line of the court.
  7. 13. An illegal act by the players of the serving team, who position themselves to block the opponents' view of the server.
  8. 15. Away from the center of the court and toward one sideline or the other.
  9. 18. To smash the ball into the opponents' court. This is done in a manner where the attacker hits the ball above the height of the net in a downward direction towards the floor.
  10. 19. A set made by the setter in the direction opposite to which he or she is facing, over the setter's head to a player behind him/her.
  11. 20. Dish An illegal set that is held excessively long, typically set from below the shoulders.
  12. 23. The stroke used to put the ball in play at the start of each rally.
  13. 25. A ball that is pushed or thrown, rather than hit