1. 5. A bag with shoulder straps, typically used for carrying belongings while traveling.
  2. 6. A period when someone takes a break from work or school to relax or travel.
  3. 7. The activity of walking or trekking in natural environments or trails.
  4. 8. An item purchased or kept as a reminder of a place visited during travel.
  5. 10. A place where airplanes take off and land, and passengers board and disembark.
  6. 11. A person or book that provides information and assistance to travelers.
  7. 15. A journey or excursion to a specific destination.
  8. 16. An official document issued by the government allowing travel to other countries.
  9. 18. A place providing accommodation for travelers.
  10. 19. The place where someone is going or planning to go.
  11. 20. To find or become aware of something for the first time, often during travel or exploration.
  1. 1. A sandy or pebbly shore next to a body of water, often used for relaxation and recreation.
  2. 2. A visual representation of an area, showing geographical features and directions.
  3. 3. The activity of staying in a tent or camping ground, usually in a natural environment.
  4. 4. A piece of paper or electronic document that allows entry or travel on public transportation.
  5. 8. A rectangular case used for carrying clothes and personal belongings while traveling.
  6. 9. The activity of visiting places of interest and tourist attractions.
  7. 12. To travel in or through an unfamiliar area to learn about it and discover new things.
  8. 13. An exciting or daring experience, often involving exploration or travel.
  9. 14. A card with a picture on one side, often sent to friends or family while traveling.
  10. 17. A trip or voyage on a ship or boat, often for leisure or pleasure.