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BGHS Crossword 2022

  1. 4. Popular island artist
  2. 5. Name of family who owned major grocery store in Mercantile Building
  3. 7. Owner of former Boca Grande Chevrolet dealership located at present site of Barnichols
  4. 10. "The Only Bar At The Port" (Boca Grande)
  5. 13. Former owners of Hudson's
  6. 14. Name of former fishing village at north end of Gasparilla Island
  7. 15. Purchased Gasparilla Inn in 1930
  8. 16. Owner of former auto gas filling station and auto repair shop
  9. 17. Name of only family in Black community which owned BG property and opened a "Jook (Juke) joint"
  10. 18. Owner of former popular gift and photo shop on Park Street (current location of "Pink Pony")
  11. 21. Dedication (1981) of formal name for Boca Grande Causeway
  12. 24. Name of former popular Boca Grande gift shop
  13. 28. Name of former movie theatre
  14. 29. Name of popular beauty shop located in "Hotel Hell" (East Railroad Street)
  15. 31. Owner of Ferry Boat Service between Placida and Boca Grande
  16. 32. "Serving you with pleasure all your needs under the sun" (iconic business located at Park and Fourth Streets)
  17. 33. Former business name of current 3rd Street Bistro and Bar
  1. 1. Iconic Boca Grande building placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1980
  2. 2. 1980 grand opening & first showing of new condos on the bayou
  3. 3. Current name of former chapel for Black Residents
  4. 6. Builder and Owner of Boca Grande Hotel
  5. 8. Name of railroad who purchased the Charlotte Harbor & Northern Railroad
  6. 9. Name of former bar located at Fifth Street and Bayou Drives which advertised: "Cocktails And Dancing Under The Tropical Moon"
  7. 11. Popular and historic restaurant built by Homer Addison
  8. 12. Well known Boca Grande cabinet and furniture maker
  9. 14. Owners of Boca Grande dairy
  10. 19. "Boca Grande's Complete Department Store"
  11. 20. Location of former campground on Boca Grande
  12. 22. Famous man of finance who died in Boca Grande
  13. 23. Platted town of Boca Grande in 1897
  14. 24. Name of Boca Grande Engelhard Estate (listed for sale in 1981 at $3.65 million)
  15. 25. Former name of South Beach Restaurant
  16. 26. Name of Realty which purchased large tracts of land from Boca Grande Land Company
  17. 27. Earliest movie theatre on Boca Grande; formerly located on Park & Fifth Streets
  18. 30. Boca Grande boat builder family