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BHM- Addy Loy- Love Day

  1. 1. everyone enjoys this in all kinds on valentines day
  2. 3. this is something lots of people around the world feel on valentines day
  3. 4. these colorful items are given to bring joy on valentines day
  4. 5. this is a event that lots of schools put on for valentines day
  5. 8. this is the most used symbol on valentines day
  6. 10. two most common colors during valentines season
  7. 11. this is something lots of people use to decorate and get a little glam for valentines day
  1. 1. this is the most seen people group on valentines day
  2. 2. a very old candy that are shaped like hearts
  3. 6. a lot of people eat this on valentines day
  4. 7. a lot of people read this thing on valentines day
  5. 9. this kind of shop is always crowded on valentines day