1. 3. The evolutionary history of a species
  2. 4. the substances changed during a chemical reaction. On left side of equation
  3. 6. compounds that remove H+ ions from a solution
  4. 10. division of the cytoplasm
  5. 12. organelle that contains enzymes
  6. 13. release of substances out of cell by the fusion of vesicle with the membrane
  7. 14. multi-phase division of the nucleus
  8. 15. tool that provides an enlarged image of an object
  9. 17. the substance that is present in the greater amount of a solution and dissolves into another substance
  10. 18. a segment of DNA that stores genetic information
  11. 19. fungus that grows symbiotically with algae, resulting in a composite organs that grows on rocks or tree trunks
  1. 1. Outer protein coat of a virus
  2. 2. fusion of an egg and sperm cell
  3. 5. cell that has only one copy of each chromosome
  4. 7. Process that requires oxygen to occur
  5. 8. an underground network of hyphae.
  6. 9. Process that does not require oxygen
  7. 11. small organelle that contains and transports materials within the cytoplasm
  8. 16. a polymer made of monomers called amino acids
  9. 17. an organized group of related parts that interact to form a whole