1. 4. which organelle contains the cell's DNA?
  2. 6. Non membrane bounded organelles responsible for protein synthesis
  3. 7. Which cellular process results in the formation of sugar from Carbon Dioxide?
  4. 9. Traits that will be expressed
  5. 15. Both alleles are the same
  6. 16. Term used to refer to a cell that contains only a single set of chromosomes, and genes
  7. 17. What is DNA organized as?
  8. 18. Cellular energy is required to move substances from low to high concentration
  9. 20. Every…………..has a characteristic number of chromosomes.
  10. 22. organelles that capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis.
  11. 25. Organism or cell having 2 sets of chromosomes or twice the haploid number
  12. 26. What do chromosomes contain?
  13. 28. alleles are different
  14. 30. a rigid layer of nonliving material that surrounds the cell of plants and some organisms.
  15. 32. Movement of particles through a membrane from high to low concentration.
  16. 33. The combination of alleles
  17. 35. Filled with enzymes used to break down food into particle that can be used
  1. 1. RNA
  2. 2. saclike structure that store materials, water salts proteins and carbs in the cytoplasm.
  3. 3. Heat The amount of head necessary to raise the temp of 1 g of that molecule by 1* C.
  4. 5. Power plant of the cell that uses energy released the breakdown food molecules to produce ATP
  5. 8. Does not require energy to move substances from high to low concentration
  6. 10. Has a membrane, a nucleus, and mitochondria.
  7. 11. thin flexible barrier around a cell regulates what enter and leaves the cell
  8. 12. Series of reactions that occur in the mitochondria during cellular respiration.
  9. 13. Funtion of ribosomes?
  10. 14. The plasma membranes of cells are composed of?
  11. 19. DNA
  12. 21. Function of ribosomes?
  13. 23. The traits which an organism show (as opposed to what its genes code for)?
  14. 24. Has no defined nucleus and a series of organelles that carry out functions of the cell
  15. 27. A substance made of sugar that is common in the cell wall of many organisms.
  16. 29. apparatus What is referred to as the packing, processing and shipping organelle?
  17. 31. Which of the following proteins catalyze different reactions or processes?
  18. 34. Diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane.