1. 2. / what a person believes
  2. 4. /facts that man has gathered by observing the physical universe
  3. 5. reasoning /usually classified as inductive or deductive
  4. 6. group /the group exposed to the independent variable
  5. 10. by definition / that which is true because man has defined it as in mathematics, grammar, spelling, and the meanings of words
  6. 11. /to pour
  7. 12. /something that is true
  8. 14. an eduacated guess that attempts to answer the problem
  9. 17. /small
  10. 18. truth /those truths god has recorded in scripture
  11. 19. experiment /A scientific investigation in which both the control group and experimental group(s) are kept under similar variables
  12. 22. group /the roup not exposed to the independent variable
  1. 1. truth /those truths, the natural laws, that god established but did not reveal in scripture
  2. 2. /any statement not a part of revealed or unrevealed truth
  3. 3. /a greek physician who lived about 350 BC
  4. 4. method /a logical procedure for choosing an answer to a question
  5. 7. variable /one thing that is changed
  6. 8. reasoning /begins with a number of observed facts and uses them to derive a general conclusion
  7. 9. reasoning / begins with general principles assumed to be true and draws conclusions about particulars
  8. 13. / that which is thought to be true, is not revealed truth but may be part of unrevealed truth
  9. 15. of science /mans observations of the physical world
  10. 16. /the sudy of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields
  11. 20. /testimony of the power of god
  12. 21. of signatures /prescribes remedies for various ailments