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Black History

  1. 2. I was a woman Presidential candidate
  2. 5. They say I am a disservice to my profession
  3. 6. My railroad had no tracks
  4. 9. I created jazz as a musical repertoire
  5. 12. I could reach the sky, if I tried
  6. 15. I am a female member of the performing arts
  7. 17. I was sent by God to preach against the slavery of mankind
  8. 18. "Lillies of the Field" actor
  9. 20. I sang before dignitaries
  10. 22. I am the oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the USA
  11. 25. I preceded Rosa Parks as bus boycotter in Alabama
  12. 26. There is an educational institution named in my honor
  13. 28. I found for Civil Rights as a woman of faith until I became of old age
  14. 29. I could croon a tune but I recruited others to do so
  15. 30. I was a leader from the dark continent
  16. 32. I was denied a rightful place in baseball
  1. 1. I was a Rep from the long horn state
  2. 3. I have been called a lion, towering giant in the struggle for civil rights
  3. 4. I was beautiful but never blew a horn
  4. 7. I love children around my house
  5. 8. I told many a little ditty
  6. 9. I am a singer, songwriter, and activist
  7. 10. I was one of the early glamorous women of color in Hollywood
  8. 11. I was considered a female upstart and radical during my youth
  9. 13. I was not a barber or beautician but good appearance was my business
  10. 14. Don't laugh at me
  11. 16. If its jazz, I am pizazz
  12. 18. I could really croon a tune
  13. 19. I served as an ambassador to the United Nations
  14. 21. I served both as a mayor and diplomat
  15. 23. Don't miss the celebration
  16. 24. A whistle took my life
  17. 27. I was not a postman but I aided and abetted the postal service
  18. 31. I am one, but I didn't play baseball