Black History Month Crossword

  1. 3. Black History month is in this month
  2. 5. This color represents blood in black history month
  3. 7. Black history month's month in the US was chosen based on Frederick ___'s and Abraham ___'s birthday
  4. 9. ___ Bridges was one of the first black kids to go to a white school
  5. 12. The name of a famous speech MLK gave
  6. 14. ___ Tubman helped people escape slavery through the underground railroad
  7. 16. Known as the father of Black History Month in the US
  8. 17. First woman to be vice president
  9. 18. The ___ proclamation was an official order that Abraham Lincoln issued that freed slaves in the US
  1. 1. ___ Banneker was a black man who helped plan out Washington DC and pleaded for the abolition of slavery
  2. 2. This color represents growth in black history month
  3. 4. ___ Baptiste was known as the founder of Chicago and translated many languages for many groups of people
  4. 6. ___ Freeman was the first black woman to sue for her freedom
  5. 7. Frederick ___ became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York
  6. 8. ___ Colvin was the first woman to refuse changing their seat on a bus
  7. 10. The black history month theme of 2023
  8. 11. To separate differnt kinds of people based on something about them
  9. 13. Laws that segregated black people
  10. 15. This color represents prosperity in black history month
  11. 19. The association that started Black History Month